IT National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify UK standards of performance that people are expected to achieve in their work, and the skills and knowledge they need to perform effectively. The standards are used in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to directly inform and support vocational qualifications, apprenticeship development and national training programmes, providing accurate descriptions and terminology of skills and knowledge. The standards offer a useful skills benchmarking tool, framework for qualifications and training programmes, and a measure of workplace competence across the UK. The NOS are a series of documents set out in a common format which describe the competencies that individuals require in order to undertake job related activities in specific occupations. Their development is supported by sector specialists and managed through a process of focused research and extensive stakeholder consultation.

The most up-to-date standards for all sectors are available on the National Occupational Standards database and are freely available online at

ODAG Consultants Ltd. are responsible for developing and maintaining the UK IT NOS, IT vocational qualifications and IT apprenticeship frameworks for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For further information contact

A guide to the UK IT NOS which shows how they are organised can be downloaded using the button below:


Current IT NOS Developments

ODAG Consultants Ltd. are the developers of the UK National Occupational Standards (NOS) for IT.

Following the successful development of new NOS last year, we are now finalising IT NOS developments as set by the UK-wide NOS governance board as follows: