New National Occupational Standards Review Consultation for Software Lifecycle Management (DevOps)


We are currently reviewing a new suite of Software Lifecycle Management (DevOps) National Occupational Standards (NOS).


You can review the new draft standards using the download below and submit your feedback using the short survey tool. Here you can either write any feedback comments directly using the survey or else attach a copy of the draft NOS Word file with embedded comments.


You can download the draft Software Lifecycle Management (DevOps) NOS in a single file:


SLM DevOps-National-Occupational-Standards-draft-Dec 2021


Please review the draft NOS in the file and when you are ready you can submit your feedback using the short survey tool below.

In the download file you will find a list of the NOS and each individual NOS file is then presented on subsequent pages.


When you have reviewed the draft NOS in the download file, please take the short survey by clicking on the button below. You can either write specific feedback comments in the survey response or you can attach a marked up copy of the draft NOS Word file.


Software Lifecycle Management (DevOps) NOS Survey


[Note: This consultation closes 5pm on Friday 11th February 2022.]