ODAG Consultants Ltd.


ODAG Consultants Ltd. are an independent skills, education and workforce development consultancy with a focus on digital technology and advanced engineering skills. We provide a wide range of consultancy services for national strategies, regional developments and local programmes in vocational education, apprenticeships and higher education.


Our aim is to support the design, implementation and delivery of skills initiatives, educational programmes and curriculum that are dedicated to delivering high quality learning, engaging learners and reflecting the needs of employers across the UK. We have detailed knowledge and expertise of UK wide standards and frameworks at all levels as they relate to specific national contexts (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales).


Current projects in 2021 include:


National Occupational Standards (NOS) – Digital technology [UK NOS Governance Board]



Wales Digital Technology Apprenticeship Framework Reviews – [Welsh Government]


Advanced Engineering CPD Programme Development and Delivery – [DfE Emerging Skills programme for Industrial Digitalisation in advanced manufacturing]


West of England Institute of Technology – [UWE]


Scotland Digital Technology Apprenticeship Framework Development – [Skills Development Scotland]


Please contact us if you are interested in these developments at admin@ODAG-tech.co.uk